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Photography & Videography

We capture top quality professional footage that will elevate your showreel! Prior to the filming day you will be able to choose 4 to 5 different styles! You will be sent tutorials of the routines prior to your filming day to really grasp and nail down the choreography and add your flair on top. On the day of filming we will go over the choreography and camera techniques before getting ready to shoot the footage. Within 2 weeks of filming you will receive your final footage along with some smaller sections. 

Based in Kent/Sussex or if you are a dance college and would like footage of your up and coming graduates we can travel to your studio. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - Dance Photoshoots

A) Branding Shoot 


Capturing candid and purpose shots of yourself in action, your team, Working with your clients, elements of your workspace or/and products. We specialise in the health and wellness area including: Wellbeing centres, Health clubs, fitness centres, gyms, sports and PT's. 


You'll receive all the best shots (no limit) with light retouching/editing. An initial meeting to chat through ideas and get to know your brand.


Choose between 1 and 2 Hours

Travel not included

Get in touch for prices


B) Dance Photoshoot

Are you a young budding dancer who would love a photoshoot as a birthday gift or party with your dance friends? Are you looking for dance shots ready for auditions or colleges? Or just looking to have fun and enjoy us capturing you dance?

In in touch for a quote

Travel not included


C) Event/Performance Photography


I'll capture those memorable moments, the laughs, the interactions and the smallest details. Event Photography is a great choice to help promote your up coming or future event or workshop. Includes an initial meeting in person to go through the running of the day and the shots you would like. Includes an initial meeting to chat through ideas, goals and get to know your event.


Enquire for a quote

Half day and full day rates available + travel 

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