Corporate Wellness

How Yoga can help your business

A high functioning workplace is one which is calm and relaxed, with decreased stress and anxiety allowing your employees to deal which situations calmly and efficiently and in turn reducing staff sickness and turnover. 

HM Creative Dance and Yoga packages are tailor made to suit your space, lowering stress, back pain, improving concentration, decision making and enhancing your employees overall morale. By taking care of your employees in turn helps take care of your business. 

Desk Yoga Workshops

With more people working at computers than ever before and being sat at a desk for long hours it is no wonder why people are suffering from lower back pain, joint stiffness, tension, stress and fatigue. Our yoga workshops focus on these areas using a range of breathing techniques for stress and anxiety, meditation for relaxation and stretches focusing mainly on the lower and upper back, neck, shoulders and wrists, including looking at improving posture which can all be done in your work attire at your desk. Giving you and your employees the skills to use in their day to day life. Our Desk yoga workshops can be designed to suit your preferred workshop length.  

Yoga Classes

Yoga is unique because it improves mobility, joint stiffness, strength and flexibility alongside your mental wellbeing at the same time. Encouraging exercise whilst improving posture and reducing stress. All that is needed is a yoga mat which our instructor has and can bring along to your class for your employees to borrow. One off sessions or regular sessions are both available at a time which suits your company best. This may be before work to help your employees be ready for the day ahead. A lunchtime class or after work session to wind down after the day. Mindfulness practice can also be incorporated into the class or held separately in a range of different lengths.